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Why using templates is bad for your business?

Why using templates is bad for your business?

You are probably thinking right now: “ Hmm, You are a site offering templates and you are saying that they are bad for the business” , but in fact it’s true.

With the help with this blog We would like to explain it why this is happening.

When you got a product or service, which you offering to Your users and you want to make a web site for that product or service, your appearance on the Web is the key. In order to acquire identity you need a proper desing for the web site so you can present your product in the best possible way.

The are few ways to get the design, first is to find a company that makes web sites and use their service, the second one is to make the design by yourself , and the third option and the most common one is to use a template.

The first and the second way mostly guarantee you that design will be the way you wanted it to be, including to be unique and custom. But the problem here is the cost , which the most of the time is very high due the fact it is made exactly for you.

When using templates, there is no unique features anymore , most of the time you need to make changes to match your requirements. Here the price is lower, because it is used by many people

And here comes the problem. If you have these services or products and locally, there is also a company that offers the same services or products like yours and this company is ready chosen template that is close to its criteria. To say that the company is a travel agency and templates for business that were less than 20 depending on the location in which you are looking templates. And if you did not explore your competitors and their websites it can  happen a case in which both companies use the same template. And here comes the problem of the identity of the company because the consumer if he was not satisfied with the service offered by the previous company accessing your site may thought that this is the same company and leave the site directly.

So in final words, do research the market and your needs and decide which will work the best for you. So you do not have to change everything at the last moment.

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