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The difference between a graphic designer and web designer

Or when a graphic designer starts to create web sites.

Making a web site and making a print are diferent things,that why there is two seperate jobs.Most of the time even it the graphic disigner is talanted and experianced he can’t complete both jobs.That why when a graphic designers starts to work on a web site he came across things that are not there as they were on a print job.Here is some things that will be useful for those of the graphic designers that want to create web sites.


There is a big difference between fonts used in a graphic desing and fonts used for making a website.Choosing a font for a graphic design is based on the project that is working on and for the most times there is no problem when the project is printed or converted in jpeg.
That is because the fonts are dicrectly loaded into the graphic design software,and the designers got the freedom of chosing how exactly should the font looks.The results got no impact on the final product even if the designer chose to load a high volumes of fonts.
In contrast in web desinging,the font choosing is based upon how it will be visialisated trhrough the different browsers,cause there is a varaity.There is also fonts that are specialy suitable for web sites.The most common of them can be found on Google and be loaded directly in the sites without any problem for the users.In some cases there is a problem when the designer is used some font in the Photoshop project that is not suitable for a web site and did not display it properly in the actual web page.And we all know that a good font is essential for the project when it comes to the reading comfort .


I doesnt matter that in the most cases the graphic designer and the web designer use Photoshop,the knowledge require for the job is a different.The graphic designer got better knowledge about the colors and using them and painting skills are consider benefit,on the other hand the web designer should know the web standarts and if the design can be used in the modern websites.That why the graphic designers should expand their vision in the modern standarts for web sites and work closetly with the web designers when they present the project to the web designer.

Screen sizes

Another problem is that most of the time the graphic design is made in a single size and it not change during the whole process.Working with sites there is no such option.For the site there should be made different sizes so you can see how the site will look in variety of screens.We should got in mind that the site can be displayed on a mobile device,tablet or monitor.


So we are in the end of the article,and in the conclusion we can say that it is good to have the skills of a graphic designer and the knowlege of a web designer so you can take the best of the both world in creating a best possible website.

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